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May 23, 2013 - Lullwater Park (Atlanta GA)

Lullwater Park is a luxury gated community of townhomes and with it comes one of the most equipped and well-maintained park. Located right smack in the middle of the downtown Atlanta buzz scene is also located within walking distance from most public amenities, malls, restaurants, shops and retail outlets. When the park first went public, the park’s aim was to cater to the residents of the neighboring townhomes which are selling like hot cakes popping straight out of the oven. The management of the park and homes calls it one of the best and most deserving of award fenced homes and park in all of Atlanta. So, is the park suitable and open to Atlanta charter bus rental visitors like yourself? Is it convenient and worth a visit? The answer is ‘absolutely’.

The park is a favorite place for a languid, romantic walk with your loved ones and has been chosen as THE place to be if one is looking for a scenic pond and short (but quite challenging) wooded trails. The amazing thing about a charter bus visit to the Lullwater Park is that it is located right in the middle of downtown area - so, when you are tired from all the buzz from downtown and stressed out with work, Lullwater is a place that offer you a kind reprieve from all that noise without you having to drive all the out to remote areas.

The located of the entrance can be found on the second entrance quite a short distance from Clairmont Campus and Turman Residential area. An experienced charter bus driver from a company like Bus Rental Atlanta should know the area like the back of their hands, and therefore, should have no problems finding the entrance to the park. You won’t regret this charter bus rental pitstop.

Many will agree when we say that Lullwater is a true Atlanta gem in more ways than one. Yes, it is slightly smaller than one would anticipate but a short visit will show you that a park does not need to be enormous in order to make a big difference in the minds of charter bus Atlanta visitors like yourself. The visit will bring you one step closer to our natural state, nature and the kind and friendly community around the park. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can find small animals feeding off the park and the wooded areas. It is time to slow down to watch as the swans, geese and baby goslings fluff out their feather and swim around languidly.

It is with bus rental Atlanta visits like this that the reprieve can be wonderfully relaxing. In short, Lullwater Park is not just a park for those who prefer living a healthy lifestyle but it is a small oasis of peace.