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Apr 13, 2013 - Downtown with a Rental Bus in Atlanta

Over the years, we have seen how Atlanta has grown from strength to strength, how the economy enjoyed a sudden boom after the Olympics and how sleepy towns are suddenly turned in major tourist Atlanta charter bus rental attractions. In this modern day, Atlanta is considered to be one of the leading tourist attractions in the whole of America and suffice to say, there is much to do and see in Atlanta - not just the downtown areas but also some other parts of the south. The truth is this - Atlanta’s offerings are jam-packed into the downtown area, all the available entertainment and malls, upscale nightlife options, theme parks, elite galleries, sports stadiums and also not to mention the historical and culturally significant sites too.

It is hard for us, even as individual much less a whole group of people, to completely explore all the options that this amazing city has showered us with, I just think it makes more sense to make use of a rented charter bus, coach charter, large shuttle bus or school bus to bring you from one attraction to another. It is a more prudent decision compared to driving yourself around or taking the public transportation.

The Westin Peachtree Plaza is an instantly reconization landmark in Atlanta and you do not need to know much about the structure of the building to appreciate the quiet awesomeness of its architectural significance. Within the walls of Westin lies a reputable museum and also a award-winning restaurant. So, when you make a charter bus stop at this attraction, one is basically killing a few birds with one stone....and in style too since you will be ferried to your destinations that you have listed down on your itinerary in a comfortable, luxurious, air-conditioned charter bus.

Take the time to visit the 72nd floor of the Westin because this is where the SunDial is. The Sundial is a multi-level restaurant that is partially open air and the floor or the restaurant revolves around so that customers can get a three hundred and sixty degrees bird’s eye view of the whole city! When viewed at night, I assure you that your breath will simply stop right there, in that moment. The view itself is worth the price that you pay for fusion American cuisine served at the restaurant.

If there is time for some shopping, my best bet would be to bring the rented charter bus to Lenox Square which is quite literally a stone’s throw away or perhaps, Lenox Square or Phipps Plaza could be more of your thing - depending on your taste and preferences, all the brand names are there and what they have to offer are along the same lines. We have big names like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo, just to name a few.

Honestly speaking, in order to see as much as you can in Atlanta (and there is too much), you WILL need a professionally-manned charter bus, coach charter, mini bus or some other form of ground transportation. For that, you know that Bus Rental Atlanta’s got your back. Get in touch with our sales people and they will quickly help sort out your transportation needs.