View The Cyclorama, once upon a time, the world's largest painting, depicting the great Battle of Atlanta. Also catch the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862

Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum

Apr 16, 2014

Something old, yet new to some, this 100-year old attraction is a must-visit for rental bus visitors heading to Atlanta for some sightseeing. Home to once the largest painting in the world, the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum is located at Grant Park, a historical district in southeast Atlanta.

The most famous attraction at this place is this large painting, as well as the Texas, the historic Civil War locomotive that pursued a captured train during the war.

The Cyclorama

This spectacular cylindrical painting called the Atlanta Cyclorama is a central cylinder oil painting located inside the building. Mini bus rental visitors can view the painting by entering from an entrance in the floor. If the Cyclorama was unrolled, it would measure 42 feet in height, and 358 feet in length, making it the largest oil painting in the world till year 2004, when that title was surpassed by the mural painting at Kalamazoo Air Zoo.

Painted in 1885-1886 by many artists from Germany, the Cyclorama tells the history of the 1864 Battle of Atlanta through a massive circular painting and narrated dialogue. The narration was revised and narrated by actor Shepperd Strudwick.

The Civil War Museum

There were many artifacts kept from the Civil War and exhibited at the museum. Charter bus visitors can view them in the two floors of the museum that houses artifacts such as weapons, photographs and uniforms. There is even a touch screen computer at the museum that tells the story of the Battle of Atlanta, as well as video presentations that recount period history and the Cyclorama restoration.

Another main attraction here is the Texas, the steam locomotive famous for playing a key role in the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862. The Texas was used by the Confederates to pursue and recover the locomotive General, stolen by Union raiders.

There is also a movie theatre in the museum that shows a short film to coach bus visitors. This 14 minute film is about the Atlanta Campaign, narrated by James Earl Jones. Party bus visitors can watch this video before heading to see the Cyclorama.

Other places to visit at this location is the bookstore, where you can find a wide selection of books and other items on the American Civil War period.

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